Kasfjord City -Miniature city

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Kasfjord City – Miniature city lies in Kasfjord, a village 12 kilometers from the center of Harstad. The attraction has been around for almost 8 years now - and is expanding and improving by the year. The city exists out of a 100 small buildings: varying between shops, churches, music stages, olympic stadions and more! Most of the city is build with the help of recycable material. The mayor has created some of the accessory herself in forms og streets, signs and furniture. Come by and witness all the fun and stories that are created here, which is most certainly the most humouristic and dramatic city you will find in Norway!

There have been places tables and benches near the attraction so you are able to really take your time and enjoy Kasfjord City. The city is open for everyone the 17th of May and until the snow comes to Northern Norway. The best thing is it costs absolutely nothing to visit! Many tourists in forms of tour buses and campers make their way here - definitely an attraction you can't miss when you come to Norway!


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Kasfjord City -Miniature city

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Kasfjord, 9402, Harstad

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