Historical day in Tore Hund's empire


Welcome to a historic day on Bjarkøy - in Tore Hund's empire!


1100-1215: The family performance Pilgrim in Tore Hunds Rike. Meeting in Nergårdsvika, below the store. NB: limited number, advance sale of tickets.

12:30-13:00 - Presentation of the work with the drama series Adogit by Zigurjon Einarsson. In the community center.

1315-1430: The family performance Pilgrim in Tore Hunds Rike. Meeting in Nergårdsvika, below the store. NB: limited number, advance sale of tickets.

1100-1500: Exhibition from the anniversary year 2023 and open cafe in the community centre. Walking along the cultural trail on your own, maps available at the community centre.

About the family performance "Pilgrim in Tore Hunds Rike"

The Viking chieftain Tore Hund has been labeled a historical villain because of the murder of Olav the Saint. But was he really? Come along to his main seat on Bjarkøy and walk in his shoes, while you get to experience the story of why he fell out with the king.  The performance "Pilgrim in Tore Hund's kingdom" is a walking performance in historical surroundings on Bjarkøy. Actress Jeanette Solbakken and jewelery artist Dora Galveia are the pilgrims who take you on a walk to historically important places on Bjarkøy with tasks along the way. During the tour, you will hear the story of Tore Hund and make your own pilgrimage mark. 

Meeting at the boat docks in Nergårdsvika.

The performance lasts approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Large parts of the performance take place outdoors and the audience is asked to dress according to the weather.

Price: Adult - NOK 50.  Free for children. Tickets are purchased here: https://harstadkommune.hoopla.no

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Historical day in Tore Hund's empire

Type:Cultural events

Nergårdsvika, 9426, Bjarkøy

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