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Elgsnes located in a scenic area with mountains and fjords, green meadows and a rich bird and dyreliv.I Andfjorden next Elgnes multitudes of good fishing spots for halibut, cod, pollock, haddock, ling, tusk, redfish and most other species that exist here in the north. In the sea there are also seals, porpoises and small whales and eagles soar over with a keen eye for fish that come up to ovrflaten. On fine summer one can enjoy the beach life on the sandy shoreline in the horseshoe-shaped bay harbor, and on quiet summer evenings fargeprakten when the midnight sun reflecting off the ocean. Taking the trip up the mountain elk above the farm, one has a fantastic view in all directions. Elgsnes is very open and with little light pollution is also excellent for the hunting orca products aurora observations in the dark season.

Holiday house
The venerable Norman farm was full renovated in 2013. The kitchen is modern, while the living room style wise is refunded led to former greatness. The house has four double and three single bedrooms, with 11 beds.

See fhising
The guesthouse has three solid and steady 19 feet Kværnø aluminum boats for hire. The strong current in the sea around Elgsnes makes that one need not go far to find good fishing spots.


On sunny summer days, sandy beach in the horseshoe-shaped bay harbor a favored residence. Especially when the sun heats up the sand and the sea flowed up throughout the day, the temperature can be quite comfortable.


Storsalen Norman farm is furnished as a meeting room for up to 24 people with the necessary audiovisual aids. The room can also be used for gatherings of up to 24 diners.


Elgsnes has a rich flora and fauna. Greatest among birds are eagles, with a wingspan up to 240 cm, while the elk can be up to 900 kg, is the greatest of forest animals.


Seen from Elgsnes is midnight sun especially great since it reflects in the sea across the Top Strait. On fine evenings midnattsol one may consider the sun and the colors of the sky and sea.


Mountain elk with its 534 meters is located on the narrow Elgsneshalvøya and is surrounded by sea on more than three pages, so from the top there is an unusually fine views in all himmeltretninger.


Thanks to the Gulf Stream is nature more lush than one might expect so far north. Here are both acidic rock and shell in the soil, which gives a varied fauna from the coast to the mountains.

Northern Lights

Elgsnes is very open and with little light pollution is excellent for the hunting orca products aurora observations in the dark season.

Dark Time Light

The light in dark times have different shades of blue as the dominant color. Catching the blue twilight, either Kamra or with brush and palette, can provide wonderful experiences and results.

Season: All year

From NOK 16 925, - per week in low season

For booking in the summer season click here.

Guide Prices

The price includes endcleaning and is set for 1 week for up to 8 people.
For each person above 8 there will be an additional cost of NOK. 1100,- per week.
The guesthouse is a large accommodation with 7 rooms for up to 12 guests total.



  • hiking trails - marked


  • fishing possibilities


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Elgsnes guesthouse

Elgsnesveien 431, https://www.elgsnes.com/booking, 9402, Harstad
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