Your very own island - in a glassigloo!


Book a night out in the archipelago surrounded by white coral beaches on your very own island in a glassigloo! Either relax and disconnect from the hectic daily life - or keep yourself busy with the abundance of activities to do around the island. Go scubadiving, stand-up paddling, swimming, cycling or hiking!

Arctic Sea to Summits can provide breakfast and dinner for a small fee. Enjoy the morning with a hearty breakfast consisting out of eggs, brie, jam and our infamous brown cheese, or some porridge that will warm you up here in the Arctic. In the evening you can choose between sushi or having your own grillevening.

Travelling to the igloo can be a bit challenging without your own car, but there are buses (number 200, 210 and 250) that take you to the vicinity of the igloo with a 20 minute hike left in the tank. You can also rent an e-bike at ArctiConcepts or get a taxi.


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Your very own island - in a glassigloo!

Gressholman, 9419, Sørvik
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