Elgsnes gård boat rental


Elgsnes located in a scenic area with mountains and fjords, green meadows and a rich bird and wildlife.I Andfjorden next Elgnes multitudes of good fishing spots for halibut, cod, pollock, haddock, ling, tusk, redfish and most other species that exist here in the north. In the sea there are also seals, porpoises and small whales and eagles soar over with a keen eye for fish that come up to ovrflaten. On fine summer one can enjoy the beach life on the sandy shoreline in the horseshoe-shaped bay harbor, and on quiet summer evenings fargeprakten when the midnight sun reflecting off the ocean. Taking the trip up the mountain elk above the farm, one has a fantastic view in all directions. Elgsnes is very open and with little light pollution is also excellent for the hunting orca products aurora observations in the dark season.


Guide Prices

Petrol is not included in the price above.
A deposit of 1000 NOK. This will be refunded if no damage is done on the boat during the rental period.


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Elgsnes gård boat rental


Elgsnesveien 431, 9402, Harstad
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Tel952 85 414

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