Reject and Reclaim


An obsolete sculpture rants from beyond its grave, a gang of queer post workers revolt, the engineers leave the military base for the last time. An open-pit marble mine is wiped of its present inhabitants, and a reclamation; of land and community.

“Reject and Reclaim” presents seven film works across two cinema programmes. The other programme is the film Public House by Sarah Turner. Each work, in its own way, reflects on the future, and the role we have in shaping and participating in it, the artists themselves operating as key agents in this reimagining. The programmes will be presented in English.

Curated by Ruth Aitken, representing Tromsø Kunstforening, and Camilla Fagerli.

Film programme:

They Live (Thatcher), Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, 03:10 (2020)

Troe og Agtsom / Faithful and Diligent, Kirsten Astrup, 24:40 (2017)

Engineers, Gair Dunlop, 03:10 (2009)

Somnivn, Jonna Kina, 12:39 (2017-2018)

Reclamation, Thirza Cuthand, 13:11 (2018)

A Film That Cleans Your Eyes, Peter Miller, 3:00 (2010)

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Reject and Reclaim


Erlings gate 3, 9405, Harstad

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